October 01, 2010

Fact about TVXQ ^_^

1) Junsu always tells his Mom that he loves her and kisses her often and often puts hearts in his text msgs to her.
2) Junsu never really wets his bed, last time he did was when he was 6.
3) Junsu never got in a fight with his brother.
4) Junsu wears briefs because it's "uncomfortable" wearing boxers when he's dancing.
5) Junsu never stands still when he's talking, he always pops and moonwalks to the bathroom.
6) Junsu helps around a lot with the chores
7) Junsu and Micky both like to eat chicken. Junsu's mom wants her daughter-in-law to be a devoted Christian and play atleast one
instrument and also to have an athletic built.
9) Junsu and his twin brother JunHo was the noisiest kids in the neighbourhood.
10) The hardest times Junsu went through was puberty because his voice changed.
11) Junsu was very famous in his school before he even became DBSK because he's a good student.
12) Junsu has never been spanked.
13) Junsu's mom's favourite present from JunSu was a hairpin and a bouquet of roses.
14) JunSu takes after his dad.
15) If JunSu told his mum that he wanted to changed his sexuality, she'd support him because she always wanted a daughter.
16) She misses Junsu the most when she's by herself.
17) Junsu wears loose clothing when he goes to sleep.
18) She spilled hot soup on the back of his neck when he was young but never got a scar.
19) JunSu's dad named both JunSu and JunHo, JunHo was given the name JunHo because he looked more masculine and JunSu was
given the name JunSu because he was prettier
20) She first realized that JunSu wasn't a little boy when he told her, "Mom, you don't have to worry about me anymore. All your
hardships are over. I'll make you happy, and the houses that you draw don't have to be drawn anymore. I'll buy you one when I earn enough money. You trust your son right? I love you mom."
21) Junsu's mom was a former Miss Korea
22) Junsu once won 1st place in a Beauty Competition. The contestants are all male disguising as girls. he joined with his best friend Eunhyuk of Super Junior.
23) Jaejoong's dad was the most handsome boy in their hometown.
24) Almost all the girls in the neighborhood proposed to him and he rejected all of them. He met a girl who ignore his handsomeness and he propose to her. That girl is Jaejoong's mom.

25) Jaejoong once act as an extra. He played as a Chinese Soldier.
26) Jaejoong has 7 sisters and he's the prettiest of them all.
27) Girls often sees Jaejoong as a sex symbol and his fans would give him T-Back as gifts.
28) Jaejoong would want to marry a fan someday.
29) Jaejoong fears coackroach
30) Jaejoong is the mom of DBSK because he loves to cook and he always nags the other member to pick and clean their stuff. He
hates litters!
31) Yunho is a bad boy to girls. He would tease them until they cry.
32) Yunho's mom and dad are student leaders in school. They would always run for student election until they realize that they suited
one another.
33) Yunho once caught watching porn and he told them that it's an assignment. (HAHA!)
34) Yunho once fell in love with a girl that never really love him. She became his girlfriend but later on she broke up with him. Yunho
convinced his friends to give her a surprise. She was touched and get back at him but yunho later realize that she could never learn to
love him. Thus, he set her free.
35) Yunho is a great fan of the girl in Sassy Girl.
36) Yunho sleeps diagonally.
37) Changmin is the genius of DBSK
38) Changmin's eyesight is very poor thus, he wear contact lens
39) Changmin's hair is so thick that he never need to use pillow according to Micky
40) Changmin and Mickey loves to eat at midnight. They would wake up at night and eat. Once, Micky woke up to eat and didn't wake
Changmin. Changmin nagged him in the morning and he never dare repeat it again.
41) Changmin is amazed by girls speaking in English.
42) Micky's parents are divorced
43) Micky never wants to get marry
44) Micky wants only one child.
45) Once, Jaejoong convinced Changmin and Junsu to go inside their van and locke Micky out of the van. Micky came and knocked but
the three just laugh and laugh inside. Mickey called his mobile phone but the three won't answer him. He knocked and knocked but the
three continue on laughing inside. Yunho came out of the apartment and knocked once. The three stopped laughing and open the van
46) Once, yunho and jaejoong had a fight. Changmin was so afraid of the arguments, he didn't dare to come between the two. Micky
was nowhere to be seen. Junsu tried to interfere but the two kept on fighting verbally. With nothing else to do, Junsu hugged Yunho
and pushed him away from Jaejoong. Yunho still won't bugged. Junsu was really helpless that he cried. Yunho and jaejoong saw him and stopped fighting.
47) Jaejoong would always tease Changmin until the latter cried. When somebody asked him why Changmin cried, he would tell them that junsu and changmin fight.
48) Jaejoong and Junsu once have the same color toothbrush that the other used the other's toothbrush
49) Jaejoong and Junsu even lend each other's underwear.

50) When asked who's the most popular, Junsu said that they're all popular in a different way. Him because he's perfect. Micky is
popular because he's cute. Yunho because he's very manly. Changmin because he's nice. Hero because he's very pretty.
Hopefully they'll be back ASAP...
DBSK/TVXQ/Tohoshinki jjaaang!!!!
Oppa Hwaiting....
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