March 08, 2012

[INFO] Truth Regarding JYJ Privates

this will educate you about DBSK/TVXQ on a whole new level, since Asian fans did not bother to mention this aspect of TVXQ’s stardom when spreading news.


1. What is a PRIVATE?
 PRIVATE = a sasaeng fan (a “fan” that stalks the privacy of a star)

Someone who follows around/ stalk a star (especially an idol star), and watches every single movement with a emotion above a fan's.
Most of these fans give up on their everyday lives, and follow around the star's schedule.
These fans are STALKERS that violate the privacy of the star, consequently emerging as a social issue.

Below is from a documentary about “sasaengs”
(below is the translation for the internet postings above)
I'm sorry Yoochun.........
I went to a PC bang (internet cafe)....
the ID I had with my name had too much fees due...
i borrowed...f..k..(*this private stole his social security number/ she isn't the only one)
I really have to have an ID for this place......
and this place has the cheapest fees........
and Mom's didn't work, Dad has his own.......
I couldn't think of any other Social Security Number....
the ones I thought of....truthfully, your's is the easiest....
sorry....Yoochun...(laughing sound)
I really needed it thou......f.....

I really needed it!! I'm sorry..I'll log out afterwards...
What is this you bitch (laughing sound)
...Yoochun (laughing sound)

Agency PR:
“It's a great stress. Even if we don't disclose the schedule they always follow around. I don't know how they know
Really, they're like ghosts, they follow everywhere
Even the stars themselves know, so its a great stress.
That makes the stars become uncomfortable about going outside, so they stop going outside, they stop meeting other people
You can't see them anything other than a necessary evil. They're just a social issue.”
(image of Privates of WG asking for where WG lives)

“It's an addiction. It gets worse. I have to come periodically. If I don't I keep thinking.
If I don't go, It's weird, strange. and makes me want to go..”

2. Write on blogs what the members do.

(From here is a translation of a Korean Post about the PRIVATES)

In a TV Show
Uknow Yunho (TVXQ):
Everythings fine, just don't come to our house.


have you seen any singers asking directly like that? Even if they do that, the PRIVATES never stop. Have you ever seen the speed of a PRIVATE TAXI CAB? they go over 100km/h, it's not even one, there are more than ten of these cabs.
More than 80% of the times, the members are involved in a accident because of these PRIVATE TAXI CABS. Around where the members live, there are always PRIVATES sitting around.
-this picture is only a small amount of them

more below

Taxi Cab driver
(normally) they call them PRIVATE TAXI CABS
this is what they call a PRIVATE TAXI CAB
they receive around $800, and these drivers contact each other to locate where TVXQ is. After a concert, it's normal to see at least 10 of these following TVXQ's van.

TVXQ in a TV Show
(for instance Xiah Junsu) his butt
For Jaejoong, it's his arms and chest muscles
They just touch them. grope it.
among the hordes of people, a hand pops out of between the bodies and starts groping

Micky’s Twitter
“It’s much....I hate it.”
“the people in front of my house....I can’t think of them as anything else than antifans”
“ah...FRUSTRATION!!! the people in front of my house...Please go.”

3. The star directly pleading

mjjeje (Hero Jaejoong)_for 7 years, on busy days, I didn't have much time to meet my friends, family and loved ones. Even that time was wasted for average 2, 3 hours on the road, and I couldn't meet them. I don't think that's love. I understand why you miss us...because I did too.

All of us 5 members have experienced it; we cried at home, we cried on the streets, we were involved in car accidents, but all we saw across the glass windows of the PRIVATE TAXI CABS were smiles and smirks. Of course I tried playing angry. But not only for me, don't go through that method of love because all it does is shorten our lifespans. I'm sorry so late at night...

Jaejoong asked G-dragon from BB if he also had PRIVATE TAXI CABS, and G-dragon didn't know what they were. In truth, there aren't that many singers who have PRIVATE TAXI CABS
4. Was hit with a rock by a Chinese PRIVATE
What happened:
Changmin and Jaejoong was in the Sokcho Public road Rest place, in order to go to the bathroom. 2 PRIVATES from China followed them in, trying to get a video footage of this. Jaejoong and Changmin scolded them. Later on, the PRIVATES threw their video camera and swore at Changmin, saying the worst curse in the Chinese language.
沈昌珉 神經病 不得好死(you won't die in peace)
Constantly hitting Changmin on the shoulders and head with a bag.
Changmin was teary, and when the other members joined him, he started crying.

Worse, that bag was full of ROCKS. This is the picture from when that happened.

These are the type of people they are dealing with.
Regarding Changmin, there was another famous happening
Changmin crying because of PRIVATES
there are a lot of versions to this story, but essentially, he 1. cried. 2. fake cried.
to get rid of the PRIVATES. He couldn’t.
6. saves a PRIVATE who almost got hit by a car, BUT other PRIVATES started imitating
One PRIVATE was almost hit by a car while following Yunho around. After this, other PRIVATES started imitating her, trying to get saved by a member.
++)adding more info. some PRIVATES are known to jump into the path when members are driving. Some even ask for compensation.

so scary...
i cant continue it...
just click
to read the hold story..


for me
I just wanna say 
Sasaeng is not their fans either..
no matter what happen I promise..
that I'll keep my faith to the end..
bcz I trust them.... I know them, cassie know who they're..

Always Keep The Faith~!! 
OT5 i~!!

crdt to owner

MuSiC pLaYeR..~ EnJoY~

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