September 26, 2011

Happy MIROTIC Day Cassiopeia

Yorabun~!!! Annyeonghaseyo yorabun..
how's your  day??? hari aku sangat memenatkan..huhuh
btw to all my Cassioepia family...
Happy MIROTIC Day..

huawaaa~ diam tak diam da 3tahun MIROTIC nie...
hermm~ and da 2tahun dyorg ......

Miss them...
miss their smile...
AKTF Cassiopeia...

September 24, 2011

As always SME is S***

aishhh~ bla ad mood nk update..
asyik entry cursing SME je~!!! =.=''
na wt mcm mne SME mmg !@#$%^@#$% tutt pown...kan??

nie lg satu benda yg memanaskan hati aku...
sblom ap2 to all shawol i wanna say sorry..
bkn nk kondem Shinee..just pabo SME
now let see this picture n nilai la sendiri..

nampak?? betapa !@#$ nye SME!!
so ap pndapat korg??

aigoo~ SME..SME...
knp nk recycle benda yg da ad nama??
zaman MIROTIC sikit punya famous dlu~!!
korg rsa LUCIFER bleyh bet ke??
shawol msti disappointed gila kan?? 

bengang tol aku...
skunk nie korg judge la sendiri...
aku klw ckap pasal SME nie mmg panas hati~!!

Their New Album..InHeaven DEABAK~!!

AsSalam for muslim and Anyeong ~!!!
Wahhhh~ long time no see..
well... i miss my bloogie ofz^^

lately sgt addicted dgn new dr abg2 pujaan hatiku..ngehngeh..
so korang da tgk MV album bru uri oppa??
sangat superb yoo~
meh3 kita usha cnie meh...

JYJ new album InHeaven

01 Get out
02 In Heaven (Narr. 김정은)
03 낙엽 (Fallen Leaves)
04 소년의 편지 (The Boy’s Letter)
06 I.D.S (I Deal Scenario)
07 삐에로 (Pierrot)
08 You’re

kt tracklist atas nie ad 3 lagu baru diorg..
Get Out,In Heaven,The Boy's Letter and You're
yg lain lagu yg sama dlm album Music Essay
lagu first dya In nie kua midnight 15/9/11 arie2..
mmg sgt shock la kn...sekali tgk da T__T..
tp spoil part last 2..
ad ka patut duckbutt hadang keta nk selamatkan awek dya..
aisshhh~ junsu..junsu
spoil2 pown Junsu tetap gorgeous kt sini..agugugu~

JYJ-In Heaven

hyosu couple...
look sweet together..

Song Jihyo unnie, Kim Junsu oppa sgt sweet dlm MV nie...

lagu nie Jae oppa buat tok he's close friend..
Park Yong Hwa...

''There is actually a meaning behind this song: Jaejoong composed this song to show that everyone has feelings of regret. This song was inspired by actor Park Yonghwa’s passing. The day before Park Yonghwa committed suicide, he called Jaejoong to go out for a drink, but since Jaejoong was in the US recording for the album, he had to pass up on the offer, saying that they would go out for drinks when he got back. Unfortunately, he was unable to make good on the offer as the next day, Park Yonghwa committed suicide, much to Jaejoong’s shock.''-info share by JYJ3-

aww~ so sad..poor my joongie..ase bersalah dya make me  T__T
another one is Get Out
kyyaaa~ kt sini mereka nampak sangat lah...pufffttt~ 
hawtttt~!! handsome~!! omaigat...xleyh nk describe la..

JYJ-Get Out...Good Bye

yg nie plak fanmade  je..
diorg combine fancam dr concert2 yg lepas..
cassie sgt jjang kan... 


da last song is...

JYJ-The Boy's Letter

ok that's  all for now...
kamsahamnida for visiting here..

September 22, 2011

Mood tok blooging xblek ag..

lama xmasok cnie..
miss bloogie~!!
tp xdak mood plak nk update...hehe
next time lah..
tcare bloogie ..

MuSiC pLaYeR..~ EnJoY~

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