May 14, 2012


ap tue Tarantallegra??
wiki-wiki larh di google..
malas explain cnie

teehee ~

yes sekarang aku dlm spells Tarantallegra..
yg aku excited sgt nie actually..
 MV Tarantallegra tok Junsu pnye first solo album 
bru release smlm Tarantallegra tajuk album diberi.. 

click the picture to view  the tracklist [credit to]
so dr smlm lps blek kja asyik re-playing Tarantallegra Xia nie..
semangat nie.. dlm penat-penat baru balik keja 
terus spazz pasal nie ngn mmbe cassie..
kyyyaaaaaa~ Xiah Junsu!!!
sangat sexy yoo~
hah! nmpk aku pny excited disitu..haha
jom layan MV nye...

[credit to CJESJYJ]

Ooo EeeMmmmm Geeeeeeeeee~!!! 
my reaction at the first minute of MV..
am dying in happiness..


and da xde lg da innocent xiah

before debut =D

balloons MV making

now he's already turn to smexy XIA


''XIA Junsu’s First Album’s Title TARANTALLEGRA!
TARANTALLEGRA is the magic spell that causes uncontrollable dance and it is the sensational title song of XIA’s First solo album. XIA composed and arranged the song and JUNO wrote the lyrics. You could fee the strong beat and various sound. The song becomes more fabulous by the rap featured by Flowsik and choreography from Jeri Slaughter and his team who worked with Christina Aguilera, Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey. Now, it is time to fall in XIA’s spell!!'' [credit to SYC]

so hey what music do you listen to??
what music do you listen to??
hey what music do you listen to??

of course

MuSiC pLaYeR..~ EnJoY~

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