April 23, 2012

April 23 CassiopeiaDay ♥♥

today is Cassiopeia 6th anniversary..
Happy birthday cassie..

who's cassiopeia??

Cassiopeia is the official fan club name of TVXQ
Was named by uri maknae ShimChangmin.. form on april 23 2006..
and Cassiopeia was listed in the 2008 'Guinness Book of Record'
because 106,00 people enrolled in the club within two days..
they're also combination of love, caring, sincere, sweet, hope, and faith

to me whatever it is as long they are

Xiah Junsu, Micky Yoochun, Hero Jaejoong, Uknow Yunho and Max Changmin
then there were Cassiopeia exists..

''Cassiopeia'' is the name of the constellation of 5 stars that shine brightly in the sky.
Just like the name, five members of Dong Bang Shin Ki shine brightly just like the stars do.

here I'll show u power of Casiopeia

and because of this fandom I have met many new family members around the world
here is my Malaysian family members..

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husna said...

love semuaa~~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

MuSiC pLaYeR..~ EnJoY~

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