January 13, 2011

My baby is sick~!! T__T

TVXQ has just kicked off their comeback activities, and as expected, their schedule is full to the bursting point. To stay on top of his numerous activities, it’s been revealed that Yunho has been receiving IV shots.

Yunho mentioned before that he had a fever, which was why he wasn’t able to perform 100%. He’s reported more than once that he was suffering from a cold that affected his throat and nose, and it’s gotten to the point where it’s difficult for him to even speak. Despite it all, Yunho impressed his staff members by performing live for the majority of their comeback.

On top of his musical activities, he’s also begun filming for his drama, “Poseidon“.

His dedication and drive demonstrates that Yunho has returned to his ‘rookie mindset’, as he wants to throw in 300% of his efforts into his work, despite his poor condition.


babe please take care... 
dont push ur self too much~!! 
*I'd hate to see him push himself too much*
*aishh~ he always push himself over the limit*

oppa~!! i want to see this bright smile again....
not da fake smile
see nmpk sgt senyum xikhlas.. =.=" *sigh*

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